Based on research conducted by Equallogic Research Institute, for and on behalf of Accicare24, the Revive! auditory intervention was developed as a counter measure to prevent the onset of  driver fatigue or microsleep. Revive! can be used as a precautionary measure to effectively delay the onset of fatigue.

Revive! should offer phase delays causing the subjects to experience significantly decreased levels of fatigue when used before driving or during a quick stopover.

The stimulus offered by Revive!, though only 25 minutes in duration, shows beneficial effects lasting for up to 8 hours. Being digital, means it can be loaded unto most portable devices.

This landmark study is the first demonstration of an auditory stimulus phase-shifting circadian rhythms in humans conducted in a controlled test in ‘real world’ conditions and should also prove a useful countermeasure to facilitate circadian adaptation after Trans-meridian travel or shift work.

Revive! has a wide aplication beyond Road Safety. Revive! is here to forever change the way we address the lack of quality sleep to bring about dramatic improved life.

It is no secret a lack of rest or quality sleep lies at the epicentre of the human condition. Up to now little could be done about it. Fatigue is a silent killer of modern day society that has people up in arms with low energy levels. What they need is quality rest. This is exactly what Revive! gives them, a biochemical recharge. Stop. Revive!, survive.