In real word terms ACCICARE24 serves corporations, government departments and individuals, via the use of auditory intervention, potentially saving millions by lowered medical aid claims, insurance claims, expenditure on self medicating and post accident care. At the push of a button the therapist comes to you, 24/7. No fuss. No call out fee.

Sessions Defined:

It is so easy to be critical of the unknown, something you cannot see, smell, taste or
touch. But what cannot be denied, at least not by anyone who has actually had the privilege of
experiencing our interventions, is the towering perceptional engineering achievement it represents. It’s years of optimized research harnessed into one session at a time.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a “Session”?

A Session in this instance is an Audio experience, a soundtrack emitting (frequency) relaxing,
soothing, vibratory sounds. It is structured to affect the brain in very specific ways, through a
complex neurological process that is specifically engineered within a certain time line. It is the
foundation on which our interventions are built. It is not a magic bullet or overnight cure.

Users report feeling changes incurring anything from 14 days up to 8 weeks. Neurological response is person specfic.The rate of integration is determined by the current condition of a user’s nervous system. Used regularly it is a steady integration process of incremental action.

What about safety?

It is no more dangerous than listening to a piece of well composed music. But don’t be fooled. Just
like you would start memorizing a certain tune down to it’s finest detail, in a similar fashion, by
repetition, this intervention is naturally (bio-chemically) installed in the neurology of the listener.

Interventions cannot be used while driving and appears to be 100% safe with no known side effects, besides thirst as a result of the increased bloodflow to the brain. 

Protocol: Optimum results as easy as 1 2 3…

Have a glass of pure water; slide on ear/headphones, and while sitting with the head supported or lying flat on the back, eyes closed (unless otherwise instructed), hit the play button and relax.

Interventions are user friendly and do not require additional time from a busy schedule. It can be used when going to bed or prior to rising in the morning. In addition it can even be used as a quick, but very restorative lunch time ‘powernap’ and during a quick stop-over whilst travelling.

Back up: Standard product back-up is available via avatar assistant on website, email and if
necessary, VoIP call center during office hours, in any language, to any country.