About Us

“Let’s seek the power of ingenuity. And, let’s go further. Innovation knows no borders ~ nor does it need a green card. ACCICARE24 is the largest privately owned global enterprise of it’s kind serving corporations via individual remote and local auditory intervention.

ACCICARE24 products and services were developed as a high value low cost stand alone or value add solution to insure clients, employees and their immediate family against the mental trauma incurred by road and day to day accidents and incidents. ACCICARE24 brings holistic mobile intervention to our clientelle, their employees, and family. Being virtual means we serve an unlimited number of clients with consistent quality intervention 24/7. ACCICARE24 is not a medical aid. You are covered irrespective of location, nationality, sex or age. Your acceptance is guaranteed and there is no medical pre-examination, which means less hassle for you and you rest easy knowing you have cover.

ACCICARE24 delivers real results 24/7 from a virtual sanctuary into any country. Because we’re digital, intervention delivery and back – up is an immediate, seamless push of a button process. All this, while leaving virtually no carbon footprint. A minimal annual fee takes care of your valued clients and employees when they need it most.


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