Are you an innovative leader who believes that mobile has a digital future? Are you a company with a proud heritage of world firsts? Does your company make for an ideal candidate to implement our offering and make an impact on a global scale?
In an innovative wasteland where words are used to make companies and products seem better than they are, ACCICARE24 does things differently because we can.ACCICARE24 is set to change the way things are being done. ACCICARE24 has a vision that looks beyond the expected to discover distinction with a passion for simplicity and convenient application. ACCICARE24 is a service provider for Fatigue prevention and alternative mental health recovery asstance following a transport accident.

A transport accident is the most common life-threatening event that people experience, affecting almost everyone at some stage of their life. Emotional reactions to accidents vary significantly from person to person depending on their own vulnerabilities and injuries, the nature of the accident and support received.

The aftermath of an accident irrespective of cause, paints a bleak picture where many people receive treatment yet increasing numbers suffer from the resultant psychological trauma.

Most people will recover without professional psychological help, but some will continue to experience anxiety, depression, anger or fear of being a passenger or driving after the accident.

The aim of psychological assistance is to help people return, as far as possible to their normal life and work and to help them sustain good mental health.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or silent suffering continues to be one of the worlds most serious overlooked public health issues – it is a global phenomenon and it affects nearly everyone.

ACCICARE24 knows this and because we are digital, see to it that immediate, dedicated and specific attention is given 24/7. But it’s more than this. It’s about precaution. managing and lessening risk significantly, enhancing productivety and quality of life. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Go to our CSI page to learn more. This time what you see is not what you get. It is more. We are small, yet mighty.